What is transcreation?

In advertising and marketing, a standard translation will not have the same impact as the original copy. The language and culture of the target audience are different so the text needs to be adapted to convey the emotional message as naturally and as powerfully as the original.
The translator needs to be highly creative, hence the name “transcreation”.

Transcreation versus Editorial translation

Both processes require the same skillset: a highly creative mind, the ability to move away from the source text, excellent writing skills and a thorough knowledge of the target culture. Trancreation, however, is specific to advertising and marketing. It is similar in many ways to copywriting.

It starts with a very detailed brief listing the purpose, target readership, tone, voice, style, etc.

For slogans, product or brand names, the transcreator will offer several solutions in order of preference, together with a back translation and the reason behind each of the suggestions.

As in advertising and marketing, words rarely stand alone. The transcreator will need to work with the visuals, even if they do not require to be adapted.

Types of transcreated documents

  • advertising campaigns
  • POS materials
  • brand names/product names
  • press releases
  • creative routes
  • slogans
  • T-shirt slogans
  • etc.

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